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TEAM Workshops

Art As Therapy

My workshops use art as a way to promote workplace wellbeing and to encourage positive interactions between colleagues. Supporting good employee mental health really does help businesses thrive and your workforce stay healthy.

"Art has an inexplicable connection with human emotions. Without uttering a single word, it manages to touch the deepest corners of our hearts and minds."

I can either bring my workshops to your premises or liaise with one of my preferred local shared studio space

I have recently obtained a Certificate in Art As Therapy


Increase employee wellbeing in a relaxed and mindful creative session


I believe that everyone has the potential to be creative

Art Works for you

Create whilst promoting positive interaction


Collaborate to strengthen teams, promote wellbeing and increase creativity

Art For Wellbeing

Creativity at work


Misty Ceramics offers both pottery and pyrography workshops as a means of promoting wellbeing, encouraging people to rediscover their creativity, in a fun and collaborative way, thus increasing good mental health.

I deliver genial and relaxed pottery or pyrography sessions. I love seeing how art brings out the best in people.

Why Create?

Organisations that invest in employee health and wellbeing will see financial benefits: reduced sickness absence, lower staff turnover, better productivity and job satisfaction. Leaders will benefit from a cost-effective way of achieving a happier, more productive workforce.

Let yourself be guided and learn a new skill, take some time to connect and unwind, whilst being creative.

Employee Engagement & Expression

I aim to inspire you to embrace creativity not just in your personal space but in your professional ones as well.

Art allows for the untamed expression of thoughts and emotions. In a group environment, this can mean an opportunity for employees to express themselves, fostering a sense of belonging and engagement. It all stems from the primal human nature of using art as a means of non-verbal communication—dialogue without words but blooming with thoughts.

Art is a great way to get employees to communicate more authentically

Making Art Work For You

Art’s Role in Mental Stimulation

Art stimulates the mind, spurring critical thinking, and problem-solving skills, encouraging alternative perspectives. In a work environment, this mental stimulation can manifest as enhanced focus, innovation, and communication among employees.

Art as a Stress Reliever

Engaging with art can act as a stress reliever in the workspace.  Creativity derived from art therapy can help reduce workplace stress, induce relaxation, and promote wellbeing. Artistic activities like doodling, colouring, or creating images can help focus an employee’s energy positively, contributing to problem-solving and promoting relaxation.

Art’s Role in Boosting Morale

Art can uplift moods, and cultivate a positive workspace.

Creating together can inspire creative thinking, enhance focus, and elevate productivity.

Art Enhancing Creativity and Innovation

Creating art within the workplace context has also been associated with heightened levels of concentration

Team Building


Immersive activities involving art have the power to facilitate collaboration. Encouraging employees to collaborate on an art project is a great way to build connections. Introducing unique art therapy to your business makes everyone’s lives just a little more comfortable.

Art and group development

Shared experiences have long been acknowledged as effective tools for team building, and are even more influential when they involve creating something unique and personal. Group art activities can foster a sense of unity and togetherness among team members.

Art can help cultivate a collective identity for a team or company, reinforcing the sense of belonging among colleagues and furthering their commitment to shared goals.

Why Create Together?

Art holds an unprecedented power to inspire, motivate, and connect, fostering a fulfilling workspace.

Wellbeing at work is not just about helping individuals manage their personal wellbeing and effectiveness; it's also about organisations looking at their working culture and environments.

Is it time to transform your organisational approach to wellbeing in the workplace?

Contact me to discuss bespoke workshops for your business

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